Digital Enablement through EMV* schemes tokenization

* EuroPay Mastercard Visa :  international standard for the security of payment chip cards.

With the digital acceleration on-going, digital payments and tokenization become staple enablers for banks to stay in the race for innovation.

Payments with digital devices are an important part of the digital transformation of our clients. As one of the fastest growing payment methods globally, they also pose substantial challenges for security and deployment models.

Tokenization is a concept that has great potential to increase the protection of digital payment credentials while preserving the interoperability of the ecosystem.

equensWorldline provides a unified approach for token-based payments in stores, in apps and on the web, for both domestic and international card schemes. We facilitate the integration of major Tokens Service Providers with our issuing systems.

Our services are compliant with the main industry regulations and standards. Domestic card payment schemes can opt in for our token vault and data digitization modules.

WL Token Management enabler

equensWorldline is the trusted partner of leading banks in Europe in their mobile & digital payment enablement journey through EMV tokenization*.
* Secure Method consisting in replacing sensitive card data by a substitution value not interceptable and replayable in the payment network chain.

With WL Token Management, equensWorldline brings the issuing banks all the steering tools they need to monitor and orchestrate the token activity related to the 3rd party wallets they support :

  • Apple Pay,
  • Google Pay,
  • Samsung Pay,
  • IoT, wearables, smart watches,
  • Card-on-File merchants, SRC* Click-to-Pay
  • (…)

* Secure Remote Commerce (SRC) commercially called 'Click to Pay': browser-based technical framework designed by EMV Co schemes to facilitate the secure transmission of payment data credentials, as well as enable a more consistent merchant integration for online card payments and a more seamless e-commerce experience for the user.

WL Token Management is compliant with the industry regulation standards (PCI-DSS, VTS, MDES).


Increased adoption of mobile payments

During the lockdown period at spring time 2020, 12%* of the consumers did a mobile contactless payment in store for the first time.

* Aug-2020 – Forrester COVID-19 Analytics study, 3 418 adults 16+ surveyed in UK, Italy and France

Mobile Payment (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, etc) is gaining momentum. This is really a game changer. It is now strategic for banks, in order to recruit and retain high-value customers, by providing them innovative payment experiences.





Benefits for our clients

Guarantee payment continuity for merchants

With token mode, merchants can dynamically update their payload credentials when card is lost, stolen or expired, without any type in by cardholder. Moreover, the card-based instalment payments collections are guaranteed.

Protect cardholder with risk & fraud rules

Reduce the risk of exposing PAN data into the networks, and protect your cardholders from merchant database breach. Set the right fraud rules on token authorization (issuing FO). 

Integrated seamlessly into the customer journey

With Push Provisioning or in-App verification method,
card activation into digital wallets is fully integrated into your mobile banking journeys. 

Limit your PCI-DSS dependency

Thanks to an alias mechanism (surrogate ID), you keep your mobile banking app away from PCI-DSS compliance standard certification burden.
  • APIs

    Our APIs allow you to manage the full lifecycle of token-based payments, offering functionalities such as:

    • Eligibility checking
    • User enrollment (authentication step-up)
    • Provisioning and activation
    • Lifecycle management
    • Notifications and user messages
    • Reporting and history

    Optional modules

    • Token vault
    • Issuer Back-office
    • Alias mechanism (surrogate ID)
    • IoT enablement (Garmin, Fitbit, Swatch)