PSD2 - Time to get practical

Practical step-by-step PSD2 guide for banks

We know from recent discussions with a wide range of market players that many banks feel uncertain about what they need to do to best prepare for PSD2, and about to whom they can turn for strategic advice as well as technical assistance. To accommodate banks’ need for advice and support, this whitepaper includes a practical step-by-step preparation guide for banks.

This practical whitepaper takes you through 7 different elements, all with a set of basic questions that banks need to consider in order to reach full PSD2 compliance.
The whitepaper takes you through the following topics: Compliance, Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), Authentication, API, Stress testing, TPP identification and Settlements.  

Don’t miss the insights provided by this practical PSD2 guide!

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Having profound payments expertise and offering a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that perfectly fit into the PSD2 ecosystem, equensWorldline is in a unique position to assist banks in their important strategic questions brought on by PSD2.
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Being a European company with profound knowledge of the European financial market, equensWorldline plays an active role in two of the central entities shaping the future of PSD2 implementations across Europe – The Berlin Group and CAPS.
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Becoming PSD2 compliant will impose substantial costs on banks, while revenues may be lost to TPPs. But PSD2 also represents a unique strategic opportunity for banks, if only they have the courage and the innovative power to seize it.
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