PSD2: Step-by-step Guide for TPPs

A PSD2 whitepaper with a step-by-step preparation guide for Third Party Providers (TPPs)  

We know from our recent discussions with a wide range of market players that many would-be TPPs feel uncertain about why they should become a TPP and if so, what they need to do to best prepare for PSD2, and about whom they can turn to for strategic, as well as technical, assistance. To accommodate the need for advice and support, this whitepaper sheds some light on possible opportunities and includes a practical step-by-step preparation guide to PSD2 for TPPs.

This practical whitepaper encompasses preliminary questions that TPPs need to consider as soon as possible, to sufficiently understand their own potential positions and roles when preparing for PSD2.

Don’t miss the insights provided by this practical PSD2 guide for Third Party Providers!

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We allow third-party providers (TPPs) to set up a TPP service in a cost-effective way, get the required reach to the banks in Europe and put competitive services in the market.
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As a service layer, composed of a collection of business enablers, the digital platform enables simple data coming from the bank information system or third-party to be processed, valued, and properly displayed on the mobile or web applications.
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Becoming PSD2 compliant will impose substantial costs on banks, while revenues may be lost to TPPs. But PSD2 also represents a unique strategic opportunity for banks, if only they have the courage and the innovative power to seize it.
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