Expertise paper: Packaged power and performance

Results & proven benefits of high-performance payments benchmark by Worldline and Atos

The number of electronic payment transactions continues to rapidly increase globally due to factors such as cash replacement, e/m commerce expansion and the introduction of new payment instruments such as contactless cards, mobile wallets and instant payments. Whilst this represents a significant opportunity for financial institutions, payment processors and fintechs, this transactional increase also puts a commoditization strain on the electronic payment business.

To be successful, financial institutions must focus investments on proven and scalable high-volume processing platforms from a capable vendor, with a critical emphasis on efficiency and total cost of ownership over the expected lifespan of the investment.

This paper presents the results of a benchmarking project, aiming to characterize the high-volume performance of the WL Pay Front-Office payment transaction switch running on Atos BullSequana S servers (more than 4000 transactions per second). This configuration represents an all-in-one combined offer of both hardware and software to potential clients with the benefits of a simplified procurement and support relationship.

The results demonstrate outstanding processing capability under very high transaction loads.

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