EBAday 2019 | review

Stockholm, Sweden  

We created a special series of EBAday-related blogs based on key topics, presentations and panel discussions that took place during EBAday.

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Past event

equensWorldline becomes Eurozone’s largest processor of instant payments with Dutch launch

Seven Dutch banks have recently started to introduce instant payments using the CSM (Clearing and Settlement Mechanism) system of equensWorldline SE. 

Due to the large-scale launch of real-time payments in the Netherlands, equensWorldline has become the biggest processor of instant payments in the Eurozone, handling millions of instant payment transactions per week.
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EBAday related blogs 

Get inside information around topics, based on presentations and panel discussions.

European collaboration between countries with different wishes, cultural habits and ambitions

It has become apparent that financial experts understand the importance of cooperation and want to take the first big steps in the right direction. It feels like pan-European payment solutions can actually become a reality.
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The need for pan-European schemes is acknowledged, now it's time for action

It is up to the financial stakeholders to look at how the cooperation between different players from different cultures needs to be shaped and who should take the lead in the development of guidelines that are accepted by all European players. 
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Banks can take back control if they use PSD2 and instant payments in the right way

EBAday has begun, the conference that features keynotes and session about the latest innovation and visions from the payment world. An interesting moment to hear how experts and payment providers view developments and payments trends. Topics such as open banking and instant payments will undoubtedly be discussed.
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The appeal for collaboration between banks

During the first morning of EBAday one key message has been vocalized multiple times by different market leaders and it was loud and clear: in order to survive in this era of Open Banking, it is crucial for banks to collaborate.
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A European collaboration scheme

After hearing the appeal for collaboration from multiple market leaders, I joined the rest of yesterday’s sessions with extra curiosity. 

What should collaborations between banks look like? And what kind of collaboration would really make an impact on the industry?
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EBAday is the right stage to evaluate the European collaboration

Can we welcome global payment solutions from the eurozone in the near future, with which European payment service providers can successfully compete with the payment services of tech giants and other international players from different continents?
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Instant payments will unlock the full potential of Open Banking

Now that the added value of instant payments is increasingly recognized worldwide – look at the movement in Europe with initiatives in the Netherlands and the Nordics – it is just a matter of time before the industry fully realizes that instant payments and Open Banking are a winning combination. 
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Europe can reform their payments industry

The European payments market has been reformed several times in the recent past by non-European players. This situation has had a detrimental effect on European financial institutions, as they lost market share because they were insufficiently aware of customers' need for cross-border solutions.
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