Fintech expert Chris Skinner about the COVID-19 impact on the financial market

Fintech expert Chris Skinner explains in this guest blog what impact COVID-19 has on the financial market.

ING-Mark Buitenhek

eW blog article - ING loves to lead the way. According to Mark Buitenhek, Global Head Transaction Services at ING, that is part of the company’s DNA. The Dutch bank works with more than a hundred fintechs and finance experts see ING as one of the digital leaders among traditional banks.

Do we need regulation to speed up the development of an interoperable cross-border Instant Payments network?

eW blog article - Instant Payments (IP) is evolving quickly and on a domestic level, IP is a success. Looking at the development and availability of cross-border IP for European consumers and businesses, there is still plenty of room for improvement. In a conversation between ING, ECB and Natixis, Mark Buitenhek, Global Head of Transaction Services at ING, talked about his vision on the development of an interoperable cross-border IP network.

CEO Christian Sewing of Deutsche Bank remains optimistic in these turbulent times

eW blog article - According to CEO Christian Sewing of Deutsche Bank it is a turbulent time. In his presentation at Sibos, he was not so much referring to the largest restructuring of the German bank ever, but to the geopolitical tensions that are jeopardizing global economy.

Use your resources where you can make a difference to your customers

eW blog article - According to Helle Koggersboel of equensWorldline, banks put a lot of their resources into compliancy. But: this is just keeping your head above water without doing anything extra for your customers. Instead, they should look for partners who can solve the compliancy issues and focus on where they can make a difference for their customers.