Worldline announces completion of the acquisition of the 36.4% minority stake in equensWorldline

Worldline, European leader in the payments and transactional services industry, announces the completion of the acquisition of the 36.4% minority stake in equensWorldline.

As a reminder, Worldline exercised on July 24, 2019 its call option on the 36.4% minority stake in equensWorldline, representing the final step of the Equens acquisition initiated in 2016 and allowing taking full ownership of equensWorldline, the leading European payment transaction processor.
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Behavioral biometric authentication: the most user-friendly authentication solution in the near future

The field of online authentication has been subject to the long-standing battle between ease of use and strong security. After all, developers face a dilemma because strong security can lead to friction, causing users to quit before they even completed the process. 
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15 Nov, 2019

Our CMO Alessandro Baroni was interviewed by Bitmag,IT. You’ll find the interview in Italian here.…

Revitalizing card issuing

What are the challenges that card issuers are facing today? And which options they have in taking a competitive stance in a changing financial landscape.
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Card issuing: distinguish yourself with 1 click

equensWorldline launches first ever browser-based strong customer authentication solution, covering all user devices

equensWorldline introduces the first browser-based strong customer authentication solution to the market and is now able to support banks in offering a frictionless universal strong customer authentication solution adapted to each user profile. With this development, banks now also have a strong customer authentication solution for users who are not equipped with a mobile device.
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Like last year we created a special series of Sibos-related blogs, based on presentations and panel discussions that  took place during Sibos. These blogs focused around three relevant and hot topics: Instant Payments, Open Banking and Future Developments. 
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How to offer maximum security to your customers with strong authentication?

This infographic presents some insights and challenges for banks and merchants to comply with the ongoing regulation around Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).
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As pan-European leader in payments and transactional services, equensWorldline invests extensively in new and innovative solutions. This allows our clients to cater for their shifting needs and the increasing demands of their customers. And to get ready for the future. Interested what we can do for you?
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Enabling innovation through payments platform transformation

In this whitepaper, we examine how a rapidly changing financial environment is urging banks to rethink their business strategies and back-end operations. What are the options when driving the necessary change to payment platforms?
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Is there a need for one single payments processor in Europe?

What are the major transitions in the world of payments? When will this method become the ‘new normal’ in Europe? How to stay on top of the innovation curves? Listen to the Sibos 2019 InstaPay podcast, with our CEO Michael Steinbach.
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Why equensWorldline

Flexible and scalable payment solutions

Rely on flexible and scalable payment solutions, based on the service model of your choice that fits your strategy and fulfils your needs 

Geographic expansion in Europe and beyond

Increase your revenues and improve your efficiency through geographic expansion in Europe and beyond, or with new products and services 

Risk , fraud & cybercrime control

Protect yourself and your customers against the risk of fraud and cybercrime 

Operational excellence

Reduce the complexity of your legacy infrastructure and ensure operational excellence while complying with increasing regulatory pressure 

Covering end-to-end card & payment value chains

Benefit from a payment service provider that caters to all your needs by covering the end-to-end card and payment value chains, including next-generation payment services 

Increase efficiency & enhance innovation

Lower your cost base and free up resources by adapting your business and operating models to today’s and tomorrow’s opportunities and requirements 

Improve time to market

Accelerate innovations and improve time to market to better satisfy your customers’ evolving demands 

Dynamic Deployment mode

Benefit from our flexible deployment options and choose on demand: Software licensing, hosting, operational processing of your application or full BPO services.