Request to Pay is gaining momentum thanks to Open Banking and PSD2

eW blog article - Tom Wijnen, Product Marketing Manager at equensWorldline notices that Request to pay (RtP) is on the rise. In a new blog he explains how RtP solutions are gaining momentum now that the principles of Open Banking and PSD2 drive direct and frictionless payments within Europe.

3 things to keep in mind when developing a chatbot

eW blog article - Mathieu Barthelemy noticed that the popularity of chatbots shows a steady rise again, following Gartner's famous hype cycle. In a new blog he explains what you should keep in mind when developing a chat- or voicebot.

How bigtechs are changing the finance world

eW blog article - In a new blog equensWorldline's Aurélie Fon outlines the influence of bigtechs on the financial market and explains how banks could deal with this. The shift from relationship banking to multi-brand ecosystems will not be without challenges.

On the way to Open Banking, financial institutions should embrace an API-first culture

eW blog article - The Open Banking movement is largely driven by APIs that fit in the regulatory framework as the majority of banks focus on compliance instead of innovation. In this blog, Aurélie Fon, Product Marketing Manager Digital Banking at Worldline, explains about the change of culture that is needed for an API-first strategy.

The digital identity assets that banks have are ripe for the picking

eW blog article - Banks have the potential to position themselves as the centre of trust, not only in the physical world – but also in the digital world. This can lead to new supply-side revenue streams, which should be welcome to banks in times of high IT investments and low interest rates.