Conversational financial coaching can transform banks into better trusted advisors

eW blog article - According to Mathieu Barthelemy, conversational financial coaching can transform banks into better trusted advisors. Read his new blog about growing expectations in terms of convenience and personalization and equensWordline’s new partnership with Meniga.

Open Banking 2.0

eW blog article - In this disruptive evolution promoted by PSD2 there are the premises of a new way of doing banking, more open and more accessible, both to customers and businesses, questioning the old logic and traditional balances and finally allowing new competitors to enter the market.

Traditional card issuers will stay relevant if they rethink their business models

eW blog article -Our payments landscape is changing rapidly and traditional card issuers need to keep up with new competitors that meet customer expectations. Especially now customers are expecting services that are seamlessly integrated into their every-day lives. This means that they have to rethink their business models when it comes to card issuing and card management.

Behavioral biometric authentication: the most user-friendly authentication solution in the near future

eW blog article - The field of online authentication has been subject to the long-standing battle between ease of use and strong security. After all, developers face a dilemma because strong security can lead to friction, causing users to quit before they even completed the authentication process.

Wrap-up Sibos: Instant Payments is here to stay and banks need to act quickly

eW blog article - The annual banking and financial conference is growing every year. This is no surprise as the future of the payments world is extremely dynamic and this makes it so exciting. To manage these dynamics, collaboration is a key topic for the coming years. Collaboration among banks, with fintechs, but also with bigtechs.