European company headquartered in the Netherlands

equensWorldline SE (Societas Europaea) has its registered headquarter in Utrecht, the Netherlands, with additional branch offices in Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and sales representatives in the UK.

The company has a two-tier governance structure consisting of a Board of Directors, a Supervisory Board and a User Committee which acts as an  advisory committee to the equensWorldline Board of Directors.

Our CEO – Michael Steinbach – is also a member of the Worldline Group Executive Committee. 


User Commitee

equensWorldline SE has an internal advisory committee for Dutch users of equensWorldline, and the clients of such users, operating in the payment market in the Netherlands (the User Committee).

Download user Commitee regulations (PDF) 

Board of Directors

equensWorldline-board-of-directors-20200403_pending approval

Group structure

Being part of the Worldline Group, we have been serving our clients for over 50 years.


Industry associations

As industry expert we actively participate in numerous indystry bodies. This way we contribute to the development of international standardization and interoperability of payments. We highly value all these inititatives and institutions, as they focus on the innovation and improvement of the (instant) payments industry, enabling seamless, secure and efficient payment solutions across the world. Below you find a non-exhaustive overview of industry associations in which equensWorldline participates.






Work group participation

Co-writing the European Payments Council's EPC SCT Inst Implementation Guidelines in the SEMSTF

Participating in work groups for eInvoicing, Open Banking and Alternative Payments


Part of the ISO 20022 Instant Payments Taskforce review group, drafting the new ISO standards for Instant Payments messaging

Member of the ERPB Euro Retail Payments Board workgroups for mobile P2P payments, eInvoicing, Instant Payments and PSD2

Participating in work groups of the Dutch Payments Association (BVN) such as Giraal Stakeholders Forum, eMandates working group, expert group Cards Standards)


equensWorldline SE was created in 2016 following the merger between Equens SE and Worldline’s Financial Services activities in France, Benelux and Germany. The combination made equensWorldline the new pan-European leader and one of the most innovative payment service providers in Europe.

Being part of the Worldline and Atos Group, we build on extensive expertise and unique capabilities of the whole group. This enables us to provide seamless, secure and efficient solutions to the European payments industry.

History Equens

Equens was established as Europe’s first pan-European payment processor in 2006, via the merger of two leading European payment processors: the Dutch Interpay Nederland B.V., and the German Transaktionsinstitut für Zahlungsverkehrsdienstleistungen AG. The experience of their predecessors in the European payments industry goes back more than 50 years.

Initially operating as a holding company, Equens SE was formed in July 2008 as Europe’s first Societas Europaea payment processor, being registered in accordance with the corporate law of the European Union.

The company extended its geographical coverage with the formation of Equens Italia in September 2008, a 50:50 joint venture with Italy’s ICBPI Group. As of 1 January 2011, Equens Italia was transformed into Equens S.p.A. and became a wholly owned subsidiary of Equens SE. This consolidated our position as the leading full service provider in the eurozone. By the end of the 2013 Equens S.p.A. was fully absorbed by Equens SE and turned into a permanent establishment of Equens SE.