CREDEM prepares TARGET Consolidation with Worldline’s Payment and Liquidity solution CRISTAL

Today Worldline issued a press release, announcing that CREDEM, one of Italy's leading private banks, has successfully started processing Target2 payments with Worldline’s Payment and Liquidity Hub software CRISTAL. Thanks to this forward-looking move, CREDEM is well prepared for the TARGET Consolidation project initiated by the ECB. With CRISTAL, CREDEM implements an operational infrastructure to master intraday liquidity risks. 
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Interview ING | "Banking is an important part of our work, but I don’t know if I would still call ING a bank"

In this interview, Mark Buitenhek, Global Head Transaction Services at ING, explains how ING will continue to develop in the future and how traditional banks can adapt to a tech-driven future. 
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19 Feb, 2020

Finance experts see ING as one of the digital leaders among traditional banks. In a new blog ING's @MarkBuitenhek t…

Revitalizing card issuing

What are the challenges that card issuers are facing today? And which options they have in taking a competitive stance in a changing financial landscape.
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Card issuing: distinguish yourself with 1 click

equensWorldline launches first ever browser-based strong customer authentication solution, covering all user devices

equensWorldline introduces the first browser-based strong customer authentication solution to the market and is now able to support banks in offering a frictionless universal strong customer authentication solution adapted to each user profile. With this development, banks now also have a strong customer authentication solution for users who are not equipped with a mobile device.
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Like last year we created a special series of Sibos-related blogs, based on presentations and panel discussions that  took place during Sibos. These blogs focused around three relevant and hot topics: Instant Payments, Open Banking and Future Developments. 
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How to offer maximum security to your customers with strong authentication?

This infographic presents some insights and challenges for banks and merchants to comply with the ongoing regulation around Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).
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Enabling innovation through payments platform transformation

In this whitepaper, we examine how a rapidly changing financial environment is urging banks to rethink their business strategies and back-end operations. What are the options when driving the necessary change to payment platforms?
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Is there a need for one single payments processor in Europe?

What are the major transitions in the world of payments? When will this method become the ‘new normal’ in Europe? How to stay on top of the innovation curves? Listen to the Sibos 2019 InstaPay podcast, with our CEO Michael Steinbach.
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